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[图文]Candy Dulfer《Saxuality》》(萨克斯风的诱惑)【APE/CUE/百度】       ★★★
Candy Dulfer《Saxuality》》(萨克斯风的诱惑)【APE/CUE/百度】
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Candy Dulfer《Saxuality》》(萨克斯风的诱惑)【APE/CUE/百度】


Candy Dulfer Saxuality 萨克斯风的诱惑

专辑英文名: Saxuality
专辑中文名: 萨克斯风的诱惑
歌手: Candy Dulfer
音乐风格: 爵士
资源格式: FLAC
发行时间: 1991年
地区: 美国
语言: 英语

来自荷兰的美女 Candy Dulfer 甘蒂·达芙 是当代爵士乐坛不可多得的绝代才女,首次在公眾面前露面是在摇滚鬼才 Prince 的音乐录影带《Partyman》之中。甘蒂·达芙 不仅拥有漂亮的金发和俏丽的面庞,她吹奏中音萨克斯的技巧也堪称一流。
甘蒂·达芙 从小便受到吹奏高音萨克斯的父亲的熏陶,桑尼·罗林斯、寇曼·霍金斯、德克斯特·戈登 都是她心中的偶像。由於她的父亲是荷兰一位很有名的乐手,很顺利的她被介绍进入爵士乐界。从12岁起便跟著 Rosa King 这位从美国流亡到荷兰的乐手的乐队演出。15岁组建自己的Funky Stuff乐队。由於个性突出,这支乐队还被著名摇滚歌手 Madonna 邀请参加她的欧洲巡演。在因与 Prince 的合作而名闻天下后,Candy 得到音乐制作人 DeStewart 的协助,录制了一些大受好评的乐曲。
1990年,Candy 就发行了她第一张专辑《Saxuality》,而这张专辑很快就在欧美获得很大成功,随后这张专辑被提名葛莱美,而且也有50万张的不俗销量。她的曲风一直是保持在很有Funk风味的Smooth Jazz, 而她使用的乐器是Alto SAX(中音SAX),而在她走上Smooth Jazz路线以后,她便受到很多来自现代爵士SAX名家 Did Sanborn 的影响。她的略带放克风格的萨克斯一经面世便带起了流行旋风,成为当代爵士一种重要的构成因素。她随后推出的作品承接吸收了越来越多的音乐元素,显示了更为丰沛活跃的创造力。
而在此专辑中,特别收录的“Lily Was Here”更高居英国排行单曲榜第六名数周之久。幽幽的灯光下,浪漫、感性的萨克斯风与美女甘蒂的杰出才华,正绽放著无尽的诱惑……Candy Dulfer从小便受到吹奏高音萨克斯的父亲的熏陶,桑尼·罗林斯、寇曼·霍金斯、德克斯特·戈登都是她心中的偶像。1987年 Madonna 来到欧洲演唱时,她就支援做萨克斯风的演奏。之后有许多音乐家,像是 Van Morrison、Aretha Franklin、Pink Floyd. 相继找他来吹奏。她的风格是属於funky与smooth jazz,很能够抓住当代乐迷的情绪与喜爱。像是1991年的专辑Sax-a-Go-Go就是很成功的。由於她的父亲 Hans Dulfer 是荷兰一位很有名的乐手,Candy Dulfer 很顺利的被介绍进入爵士乐界。她从12岁起便跟著 Rosa King 这位从美国流亡到荷兰的乐手的乐队演出。15岁组建自己的Funky Stuff乐队。由於个性突出,这支乐队还被著名摇滚歌手Madonna邀请参加她的欧洲巡演。在因与 Prince 的合作而名闻天下后,Candy Dulfer 得到音乐制作人 DeStewart 的协助,录制了一些大受好评的乐曲。
Alto saxophonist Candy Dulfer was brought into the limelight by Prince, who introduced her to the world via his video for "Partyman." Raised in a family heavily involved in the Dutch jazz scene, Dulfer is the daughter of Hans Dulfer, a respected jazz tenor saxophonist. Thanks to him, she listened to and studied the recordings of Sonny Rollins, Coleman Hawkins, and Dexter Gordon. He also introduced her to the stage early in life. When she was 12, she began playing in a band with Rosa King, an American expatriate who lived in Holland. Her career began by playing with brass bands but soon she was fronting her own band, Funky Stuff, who were invited to backup Madonna for part of her European tour. She began leading the band at age 15. Her appearances with Prince led to session work with Eurythmics guitarist/producer Dave Stewart, who gave Dulfer a credit on "Lily Was Here," which reached number six in the U.K. and number one on the Dutch radio charts in 1990. Recording sessions for her debut album were followed by more guest star dates with Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin, and Pink Floyd.
Her debut, Saxuality, released later in 1990 for RCA Records, was very successful in Europe and the U.S. While it was by no means a straight-ahead jazz album, her funky alto sax stylings caught on with fans of contemporary jazz at several recently launched "smooth jazz" radio stations around the U.S. Saxuality was nominated for a Grammy and certified gold for sales in excess of a half-million units worldwide. Her 1991 album Sax-a-Go-Go includes "Sunday Afternoon," a song by Prince, and also teams her up with some of her musical mentors, the JB's and the Tower of Power horns. Her other influences include Sonny Rollins and David Sanborn, and while Dulfer hasn't carved the niche for herself that Sanborn has in the jazz world, she does have a great career ahead of her as she continues to synthesize classic R&B, blues, pop, and jazz in her own unique, creative ways. In 1999, she released What Does It Take with Girls' Night Out and Right In My Soul following in 2001 and 2003 respectively. ~ Richard Skelly, Rovi

去年网上很流行这位美女萨克斯皇后的演出视频《Lily Was Here 莉莉曾在这里》(akan),很精彩呀!
与Kenny G齐名的最杰出之年轻女萨克斯风手葛莱美提名专辑,销售超越50万张的白金唱片收录全英排行金曲“Lily Was Here”
来自荷兰的大美女甘蒂达芙是占据著现今萨克斯乐界排行榜大半壁江山,并与肯尼吉齐名的最杰出的女萨克斯风手。她融合了流行、蓝调、舞曲、爵士的乐风,是独具Funk风味的Smooth Jazz,是传统乐派与先锋乐派的综合。这张甘蒂的处女作“Saxuality”荣获葛莱美提名,并热销超过50万张!其中特别收录的“Lily Was Here”更高居英国排行单曲榜第六名数周之久。幽幽的灯光下,浪漫、感性的萨克斯风与美女甘蒂的杰出才华,正绽放著无尽的诱惑……
5.0 out of 5 stars "I know she looks good, but can she play?", June 30, 2000
hannibalsmith "hannibalsmith" (Van Nuys, CA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Saxuality (Audio CD)
The words above are uttered at the beginning of the title track, to which we hear Candy reply "Think about it!" - the answer is an obvious an very emphatic yes.
I bought this album in 1991 after hearing my roomate's copy. I've never regretted this purchase and after countless listenings I still treasure it today. The style of the songs on this album is absolutely great and I've never really heard anything in the same vein except perhaps on some selected tracks on Candy's later albums.
The album starts off with Lily Was Here, a duet between Candy and Dave Stuart on Guitar - its very serene with a great peak on the sax. Even if you don't recognize this song by name, chances are you've probably heard it before and would recognize it instantly.
The remaining tracks I would catagorize into three groups - funky/modern (So What, Heavenly City, There Goes The Neighborhood), New Wave'ish (Pee Wee, Jazzid) and more traditional sax based jazz (Mr. Lee, Home Is Not a House).
Mr. Lee and Home is Not a House are both really well done, with the latter featuring an incredible bit of dueling alto and tenor sax between Candy on alto and her father Hans on tenor, and the former featuring grade "A" solo work against a traditional jazz background.
There Goes the Neighborhood is another great track - also a 'dueling instruments' type track, this time its Candy's alto sax vs. a very well played electric guitar that almost, but not quite, overshadows the sax.
One consistent knock I've heard against Candy is that she's all looks but not really that great of a player - and I'm sure the clever title of this album did little to reduce that impression. Well, she definetly does look good - but - while I'm no expert on rating sax players on their technical merits, to my ear she does an excellent job on this album and the songs are unique and really enjoyable.
The music, much more so than Ms. Dulfer's looks, truely exudes "Saxuality".

01 Lily Was Here 莉莉曾在这里 4:19
02 Pee Wee 皮威
03 Saxuality 萨克斯风的诱惑 4:11
04 So What 那又如何4:59
05 Jazzid 爵士4:21
06 Heavenly City天堂城市4:0
07 7 Donja 冬婭 5:17
08 There Goes the Neighborhood 邻里之间3:55
09 MR. Lee 李先生 4:57



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